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Sai Shakti Sadhana for Peace in the World

Daily Group Meditation at 8.30 p.m. (your local time)

We’re all one, but we do not recognize each other. That’s the problem.

Everyone needs to create peace in the world. We all need to take care of each other. We are one. We are humans. We need to respect each other, serve each other and protect each other. All humans are one.

In your life, if you want to help the society and the globe, you need two things – pure love and power. If these two things are with you, pretty good you will get success.

Especially in this Kali Yuga, in these upcoming days, if you really want to heal and help, the power needs to be utilized.

Sri Kaleshwar

Peace Be Now

Let’s meditate together for peace. By doing so we will create a strong vibrational field that radiates and supports humanity during the great transformation process and leap in consciousness in which we find ourselves. You are cordially invited to the synchronized Sai Shakti Sadahana for Peace meditations – daily at 8.30 p.m. You will find sadhana guidelines on this page.

Group Meditation & Shiva Lingam Abishek

Suggested Time for Group Meditation: 8.30 p.m. (local time) daily

Group Meditation

  • Set up a comfortable, energetically clear meditation spot for your daily sadhana. If you like, create a small altar with, for example, pictures and statues that represent the Divine for you. You can includefresh flowers, incense sticks, rose water and more. Let your creativity flow.

  • Light a candle.

  • Chant the opening mantras [More here]. Keep your sankalpam (intention) in mind, and let the energy flow to all those in need of healing, love and strength. You can phrase it like this (follow your heart): “Make this meditation a powerful tool for peace and healing in the world. May there be peace on earth.”

  • Optional: Perform a Shiva Lingam Abishek as described below. If you don’t have a Shiva Lingam or don’t want to do the Abishek, go straight to meditation.

  • Meditate with the Mantras of the Nine Arrows or one of the following channels for 30 minutes, minimum 15 minutes.

Recommended Shakti Channels – select the one you are already practicing:

  • Mantras of the Nine Arrows (1st priority)
  • Your Personal Mantra
  • Shakti Gayatri Mantra
  • Maheshwari Mantra

If you don’t know any of these mantras, meditate with “Om Namah Shivaya”.

If you would like to be initiated into one or more of the above mantras, contact us at

  • Sit in silence for a while after meditating. If there is a crisis situation in the world that particularly touches your heart, focus on it and consciously let the energy flow there. Pray for the fear to be dissolved in the hearts of those who are currently suffering.

  • End the meditation with the closing mantra “Shanti Shanti Shanti-Hi Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu”.

Sankalpam for Printing
Sankalpam for Printing

Notes on the Nine Arrows Mantras

Sri Kaleshwar repeatedly asked his students, at different points in time, to connect their individual austerity power as a group, to focus that power, and thus make a powerful contribution to raising awareness on the planet, helping to resolve conflicts and heal the earth. For example, in 2011 he explicitly recommended the prayers of the Nine Arrows to calm the energies of the Divine Mother – that is, to calm the power of the forces of nature.

Shiva Lingam Abishek

  • Prepare a vessel and a container of clear water.

  • Place your Shiva Lingam in the vessel. You can put a smaller bowl upside down in the bowl, on which you put the Shiva Lingam, so the lingam is slightly raised and the water can run over it.

  • Also have a small towel ready.

  • Set your sankalpam for peace – In your heart, hold the intention that negativity will be washed out, cleared through your performance of the abishek.

  • Recite the sky mantra either aloud or inwardly and pour the water slowly and gently over the lingam in front of you in a meditative process for several minutes. If you don’t know the sky mantra, recite “Om Namah Shivaya”. Watch the water flow over the lingam as you continue to recite your mantra.

  • After a few minutes, finish the Abishek.

  • Now dry the lingam. Give it a special and protected place, such as placing it on your altar. Be careful not to lay the Shiva Lingam on bare earth/floor.

  • You can hold it in your hand during meditation or place it near your bed when you sleep, but be careful not to put it on the ground.

  • Throw away the Abishek water afterwards.

NOTE: Daily meditations have been taking place as part of the Soul Protection group since March 2020. After (free) registration you will find helpful tools and information for meditation in the groups protected blog entry. More information HERE.

What is a Shiva Lingam?

What is a Shiva Lingam?

A Shiva Lingam is an oval or egg-shaped stone regarded and worshiped as Shiva himself. It contains supernatural channels to connect to Shiva’s inner energy. In the lingam, it is not possible to determine beginning and end – this is the latent form of Shiva’s energy, the primordial form of Shiva in creation. The lingam gives form to Shiva, who is the formless. In its form, the lingam stands for infinity, and also symbolizes male creativity.

Shiva lingams are found throughout India in temples where sacred rituals such as abisheks (see explanation) are performed on them. There are different types of lingams. There are naturally occurring lingams made from rock and rock formations, as well as handmade ones made from various materials and finishes including granite, gemstone and crystal. The lingam is represented in the form of an elongated egg or in combination with a yoni, whereby the yoni symbolizes the feminine principle.

“His symbol is Shiva Lingam. Lingatpati, the lingam structure as it is called – in it there is no beginning and no ending. Shiva Lingam is like a globe, like a egg. It’s the secret form of his energy. The Lingapati represents the male aspect of the energy. Once if you connect to his energy, name, bijas, pronunciation of mantras, 99% of illusions can’t touch you. That’s the high inner significance of the lingam. At the same time it helps unbelievably to grow your heart bigger and bigger. Each Shiva lingam contains supernatural energy. It can be created by Shiva, divine souls and Mother Divine.” – Sri Kaleshwar

Shiva Lingams in the Dharma Shop HERE

What is an Abishek?

What is an Abishek?

The term abishek, also commonly referred to as abhisheka or abhishekam, comes from Sanskrit and describes a puja – an act dedicated to the divine, a performed prayer. Sri Kaleshwar made his students very familiar with these ancient rituals. He taught how to use the inner mechanism of abishek and puja for their soul growth. For example, one of the mechanisms of the Abishek is internal purification. Anything you want to decharge you can very powerfully release during the abishek throughthe water element which is used to wash the Shiva Lingam. You can ask that inner blocks such as anger, fears, envy, etc. be washed out, or for you to become empowered. You can hand over specific issues that are burdening you – place them in God’s hands. By turning to the divine on the outside, you turn to your divine self on the inside, and therein connect with your true being.

If you practice the abishek puja with a specific intention, a sankalpam, you can express your deepest heart-desire, and ask for support during the ritual. Through the Abishek ritual you connect with the divine consciousness. Your eyes have a special funtion here as Neytra Chakras – energy centers. They are connected to your heart and soul. They open the door to Shiva’s divine power and love through the Shiva Lingam Abishek. The energy mechanism runs through your eyes whether you pour the water over the Shiva Lingam yourself, or you simply watch.

During his lifetime, Sri Kaleshwar had his students perform the Abishek ritual to Shiva Lingams for hours at a time in his ashram in Penukonda, India, to create the highest healing and creation vibrations.

Homa for Peace & Healing

Fire Pujas for Peace and Healing are another sacred ritual which have been taking place at different locations regularly on the new and full moons for years within the Kaleshwar community. Gazing into a fire with open eyes while chanting sacred mantras is a form of meditation that feels very natural. The power hidden in the fire heals. We have felt this intuitively since time immemorial. Looking into a campfire or a candle flame calms the mind and “burns off” mental baggage. In the ritual of the fire puja we consciously potentiate this sacred power of the fire element.

In essence, fire pujas are a form of group meditation. They are a healing for our planet – pure cosmic energy is created and cleanses the atmosphere. You are cordially invited to sit by the fire, nourish your inner peace and send out your heart’s desire for peace and healing out into the world. Remote Participation possible!

Homa Locations

Register for Full Moon Homa

Register for New Moon Homa