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Review 2020 - Outlook 2021

In India, thousands of years back they found some supernatural things. Till now it’s being kept a secret. The masters don’t release it to the public. Or, even if they release it, they do not give perfect guidelines to implement it. Students have nobody showing them how to drive the car. What good is a car, no matter how beautiful it is, if you cannot drive it? I know how to drive a car. I give the car keys to you. I show you how to drive. When you have a car and know how to drive, you are a new person.

Sri Kaleshwar


It’s high time again to say a big THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for your support last year. On many occasions – on the ground and online – we dedicated ourselves to our common quest for truth, the meaning of life and the mystery of creation. This search unites us and we shared many insightful experiences with each other and experienced within the community what every human being longs for in his heart of hearts: love & connection.

Although each person on the spiritual path is individually required to take full responsibility for themself and truly stand up for their own values, “Groupism”, as Swami lovingly summarized all the advantages of a community in a self-created word, helps to follow this path.

Especially when the wind blows a little rougher on the outside, this community helps us to uphold our own values. It is not always easy to stick to it and constantly work on our own spiritual and emotional development. And yet we perceive in our work that more and more people are willing to be the change they want to see in the world. THANK YOU that you too are doing this inner work.

Unity always creates divinity. If you fall out of unity, forget it. How long can a person alone carry these burdens and the weight on their shoulders?

Sri Kaleshwar

We are so GRATEFUL for the growing community and to all the people who take responsibility for continuing Sri Kaleshwar’s spiritual mission. Swami is certainly very happy to see how many people are already working together, using their skills and unique talents to create something together that no one person can do alone. We can experience the power of Unity every day. These experiences confirm all that Swami had predicted – that unity would ultimately be the key to success. Swami gave everything for us – for his students. The fact that so many people are now pulling together on his behalf here in Europe makes us very grateful and happy.

A huge THANKS to all those who regularly contribute actively with their passion, time and energy. Your love for Swami, your fire for this path, your initiative and energy give strength, courage and inspiration to continue this work.

We also say a big THANKS for all the financial support that has benefited the many KALESHWARA EUROPE projects and activities. Every penny helps to share the ancient spiritual knowledge taught by Sri Kaleshwar with people who yearn for real transformation. Every day, with all our love, time and strength, we get up every day as a team to ensure that the information from the Palm Leaf Books is preserved in its purity and that the knowledge contained therein comes to life in many people. Every donation, every course fee, every purchase in the Dharma Shop, serves this purpose.

So, I need your complete support, your strength and unity. If you’re in unity, certain things I can do. If you’re really patient and cooperate with each other, like brothers and sisters and good friends, like a teamwork, you really can create history and victory. It’s not my success, it’s your success, guys.

Sri Kaleshwar

To continue Sri Kaleshwar’s life’s work, with all its many projects and activities, is only possible with financial support.

OUR PLEA. KALESHWARA EUROPE needs financial support. That is what we would like to ask for at the end of the year.

The work of KALESHWARA EUROPE is mainly financed by the income from courses and the Dharma Shop as well as by small donations. This year too, we can only finance all important projects if as many people as possible take heart and donate at the end of the year.

Your support means a lot to us! We do our Dharma without any financial security and often beyond our personal limits, as we want to share this gift of knowledge and experiences with Swami with many people. We are convinced that we are doing something very meaningful for the world. In 2021, we will continue to move forward with full commitment, love and strength.

We would like to thank all those who are already involved in this, and we ask, above all, those who have not yet decided to offer financial support to listen to their hearts whether they can do so now – once or regularly. THANK YOU!

Many thanks for your contribution!

PS: You will find an overview of the ongoing initiatives, activities and curriculum in 2020 as well as the outlook for 2021 in the appendix.


See no evil – see the good. Hear no evil – hear the good. Speak no evil – talk about good. Think no evil – think about the good. Do no evil – do the good. This is the path to God.

Shirdi Sai Baba

Review 2020

Of course, your Swami’s soul will definitely take care of you, wherever you are. After you’ve done certain processes, you will start receiving the nectar into your soul. Your soul will create happiness and make you feel such a great bliss, satchitananda. Then you will feel the bliss in you all the time: in your happy times, in your difficult times. You will start seeing amazing things in your life. Once the light starts growing in you, no matter how much you are suffering and having problems, you’re just doing a divine process. It is the Divine’s duty to take care of you and protect you.

Sri Kaleshwar

With united forces and despite the global crisis, much has been done in 2020.

The most important areas were:


If you really fall in love, really deeply fall in love with spirituality, every minute, every day is the bliss. The nectar keeps flowing in you. If you’re doing it as a kind of a duty, it is ok, slowly you’re jumping into it, but you have to do your duty, the process and your meditation with an open heart.

Sri Kaleshwar

This year we were inspired by the water element. As the external situation changed so quickly over the past year, we simply went with the flow and tried to see the challenges as opportunities. During the first lockdown phase, we focused more on expanding the Soul University’s curriculum and offering courses via online media. The feedback was so positive that we will continue to offer the online courses for the time being. Observing the effects of spiritual practice in the lives of more and more people is a daily inspiration to us to further develop the knowledge and to create protected spaces for personal development processes.

Seminars, Retreats & Initiations

  • “Night of Silence and Blessings” Shivaratri Mini-Retreat with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen
  • “Dattatreya – Power of Miracles” Guru Purnima Program with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen
  • “Soul Healing” Online Retreat with Tatyanna in CZ-Brünn
  • “Soul Healing” Retreat with Tatyanna at Schweibenalp Center of Unity in CH-Brienz
  • “Womb-Chakra” Intensive with Tatyanna in DE-Alerheim

  • “Shivas Engel” Daily Program & Online Course (NEW COURSE)
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen, DE-Dieburg & Online
  • “Maha Lakshmis Segen” Daily Program & Online Course (NEW COURSE)
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen, DE-Dieburg & Online
  • “Power Objects” Weekend Program & Online Course (NEW COURSE)
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen, DE-Dieburg & Online
    • with Hana in DE-Brünn & Online
  • “Telugu for Beginners” Half-Day Program & Online Course (NEW COURSE)
    • with Zahira in DE-Einhausen & Online
  • “Sacred Space – Altar & Puja Room” Half-Day Program & Online Course (NEW COURSE)
    • with Zahira in DE-Einhausen & Online
  • “Kaleshwar Mantra Meditation” Introductory Courses
    • with Hana in CZ-Brünn, CZ-Prostojov & Online
    • with Gieta in DE-Dieburg & Online
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen & Online
  • “Detox for the Soul” Introductory course
    • with Gieta in DE-Dieburg & Online
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen & Online
    • with Hana in CZ-Brünn, CZ-Prostojov & Online
  • “5 Elements Meditation Process” Annual Program
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen & Online
    • with Helen in DE-Alerheim
    • with Hana in CZ-Brünn
    • with Gieta in Single Accompaniment
  • “Initiation: 9 Arrows, Maha Kali, Shakti Gayatri” Mantra Classes
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen & Online
  • “Heal Your Heart” Daily Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen, DE-Dieburg & Online
  • “Shiva/Shakti - Happy Partnerships” Weekend Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta and Petar in DE-Einhausen, DE-Dieburg & Online
  • “Soul Object” Intensive
    • with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen
  • “Holy Womb” 9 Months Intensive
    • with Tatyanna in DE-Alerheim
  • “When a Fire becomes Sacred” Pujari Training
    • with Jenniver in DE-Zedlitz (Thuringia), DE-Neubrandenburg and DE-Einhausen
  • “Jesus-Yantra” Module I + II
    • with Gieta in DE-Dieburg
  • “Sri Chakra” Module I + II
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen
    • with Hana in CZ-Brünn
  • “Kaleshwara Vaastu” Introductory Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen
  • “Kaleshwara Vaastu Architect Training” Individual Training
    • with Tobias in DE-Einhausen and DE-Frankfurt
  • “Kaleshwar Bhajan” Training
    • with Barbara in DE-Einhausen and CZ-Brünn

As well as individual spiritual accompaniment in individual coachings.

Online Meditation Program

  • Shivaratri Intensive: Soul Magnetism – Receiving Divine Blessings and Creating Protective Circles (German, Czech, Russian)
  • Easter Intensive: Return of the Divine Mother - Atma Sandhana Yoga (German, Czech)
  • Guru Purnima Intensive: Dattatreya – Power of Miracles (German, Czech)
  • Navaratri Intensive: Sri Lakshmi Ma – Perfectly Happy (German, Czech, Russian)
  • Christmas Intensive: A Life in Light (German, Czech)

In the past year, scholarships in the form of reductions or remission of course fees/Dakshina in worth of more than €14,000 have been awarded to single parents, students and the unemployed. This is only possible thanks to the wider community. A heartfelt THANK YOU!

Pilgrimages to India

Due to the global crisis and the associated travel restrictions, no pilgrimage took place in 2020. We hope that in 2021 there will be the opportunity to travel to India again in a larger group.


Stay in that real fragrance forever and ever. In one lifetime, if you sucked the fragrance in you, it keeps coming for many lifetimes. You need to get the right seed. I know how big a tree is hidden in that seed.

If Buddha did not do this process, today we could not get this. If Jesus Christ was not born, we wouldn’t have such a strong mission, his messages, we’d miss it. If Shirdi Sai Baba wasn’t born, even though his life was up and down, today we’re receiving an amazing fragrance from his messages and his life stories.

Your life needs to be a symbol to your neighbors, to your country, to the globe. Not only Jesus Christ, Shirdi Baba, Buddha, Paramahamsa, Yogananda, Vivekananda – not only them. There are only 30, 40, 50, 60, 100. Why can’t it be thousands? That’s your Swami’s mission. You can do it. You will do it. I’m here to really help you.

Sri Kaleshwar
Swamis Statements for European Dharma
Swamis Statements for European Dharma

In everything we do, we do our best to put the wishes of our Master into practice. Sri Kaleshwar has clearly identified how he envisions the representation of his teachings and mission in Europe.

With his arrangement, he wanted to ensure that people in search of authentic knowledge find a platform through which his teachings are taught by well-trained teachers and in its pure form. The attached PDF summarises Sri Kaleshwar’s statements and wishes regarding the official representation of his mission in Europe.

Our responsibility and his mission to us is practically, as his first generation senior students, to keep his spirit alive and his teachings pure, so that seekers will continue to be able to follow this path in its original form. In order to give this project an organisational and legal framework, he founded Kaleshwar e.V. together with us in 2006.

Fulfilling this Dharma is our promise – to our Master and to ourselves.

Circle of Teachers

The existing circle of teachers has continued the work in 2020, looking back and reorienting itself for the future. Intensive teacher training (exercises, deepening the knowledge, tests, hospitations) take place regularly. Since August 2018, a group of students have been in intensive training as teachers at KALESHWARA EUROPE Soul University. A new training group will start in 2021.

Study and Teaching Materials

The study and teaching materials are compiled from Sri Kaleshwar’s original talks (transcriptions) according to topics and carefully translated. A time-consuming but rewarding, sustainable and future-oriented task. Many practitioners and students benefit from this work. In 2020, the following new courses have been developed or revised and teaching materials have been created:

  • Shivas Engel – Soul Protection (New Course)
  • Maha Lakshmis Blessing – Love, Abundance and Bliss for your Life (New course)
  • Back to the Light – Cleansing of External Energies (for Man and Space) (New Course)
  • Telugu for Beginners (New Course)
  • Sacred Space – Altar & Puja Room (New Course)
  • Sri Chakra Yantra (Revision)
  • JC Yantra (Revision)
  • When Fire becomes Sacred – Pujari Training (Revision)

We are all instruments here. When we feel we are the instruments, then the doors will start to open. The doors will start to open. You will see, somebody is at your back, making you to play all the things through you. I know all religions say that, but it’s very important for each spiritual student to implement that, to really feel that.

Sri Kaleshwar


  • German Edition of the eBook “The Holy Womb – The Secrets of the Divine Mother’s Creation” (Full Translation) by Sri Kaleshwar
  • Free Kaleshwar Bhajan Live Recordings on Bandcamp HERE



  • Kaleshwar Jayanti in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Sri Kaleshwar Maha Samadhi Celebration in DE-Einhausen und CZ-Brno
  • Mother’s Day in DE-Einhausen & Remote
  • Guru Purnima One-Day-Program – Satsang, Bhajans, Fire Puja in DE-Einhausen und in CZ-Brno
  • Rakhi Purnima – Fullmoon of Friendship – in DE-Einhausen & Remote
  • Navaratri – 11 Fire Pujas during Mother Divine Festival in DE-Einhausen
  • Shirdi Sai Babas Samadhi Day (Vijayadashami) in DE-Einhausen
  • Diwali – Festival of Lights in DE-Einhausen & Remote
  • Kartika Purnima – in DE-Einhausen & Remote
  • ”Tatyanna at Wennenberg” – Satsang, Bhajans, Fire Puja with Tatyanna in DE-Alerheim

Photos of the events can be found on the Kaleshwar Europe Facebook Fanpage HERE

Community OM-line :-)

In the first lockdown phase, a circle of practitioners came together in the “Soul Protection Meditation Group”.
The free online offer includes:

  • Daily Mantra Meditation for Protection Circles and Inner Peace
  • Regular Bhajans Online via Zoom Call
  • Story-Telling-Evening – Inspiring Exchange of Experiences with Sri Kaleshwar and Sacred Knowledge.

For all participants of the Soul Protection Meditation Group, an online database with various contributions (meditation instructions, videos, pictures…) is available for the practice at home.

Together for Peace – Fire Pujas & more…

  • More than 50 Fire Pujas in Einhausen
  • More than 160 Full & New Moon Fire Pujas for Peace & Healing in the Kaleshwar Centers and Pujari Circle HERE

Sri Chakra Healing Circle

The Sri Chakra Healing Circle HERE for new and full moon is well received.
The Circle works on a voluntary basis:

  • 13 Volunteer Healers are involved in the Circle
  • Numerous Healing Seekers turn to the Healing Circle

Humanitarian Projects

  • Over 7000 Meals for the Needy in CZ-Brünn and CZ-Vlhka
  • Approx. 600 Meals for the Needy in DE-Bensheim
  • Winter Packages Christmas Promotion for the Homeless in CZ-Brünn and CZ-Vlhka
  • Activities of Kaleshwar Groups such as singing in the nursing home, at the Wachkoma station, children’s fun day, cooking for the needy etc.

Kaleshwar Center & Regional Groups

Kaleshwar Center Einhausen, Germany
– Tempel of Mother Divine & Shirdi Baba Temple in Swamis House

In 2020, the temple moved from the puja garden to Swami’s house in Neuröder Weg 61. There is the meditation room with altar, a healing room as well as the office and shipping point of the Dharma Shop, covering a 90sqm space. We call the house “Swamis House”, because Sri Kaleshwar visited here several times and also stayed overnight.

  • Development & Financing Kaleshwar Center Einhausen in Swami’s Haus, Germany
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Monthly Full and New Moon Fire Pujas for Peace and Healing
  • Regular Bhajan Evenings
  • Charities: Babas Monthly Soup Kitchen for 30-40 homeless

Kaleshwar Center Brno, Czech Republic – Shirdi Baba Temple

  • Development & Financing Brno City Centre, Czech Republic
  • Monthly Full Moon Fire Pujas for Peace and Healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Regular Bhajan Evenings
  • Regular Meditation Evenings
  • Charities: Babas Weekly Soup Kitchen for over 160 homeless people

Kaleshwar Group Neubrandenburg, Germany

  • Monthly Full Moon Fire Pujas for Peace and Healing
  • Regular Bhajan Evenings
  • Charities: Singing Bhajans in the Hospice and on the Guard Coma Station, Charity Events for Christmas

Outlook 2021

Our vision is to help people successfully master the path of healing and awareness shown by Sri Kaleshwar and to live their lives powerfully as free, self-determined people and unhindered by blocks and connected to their true divine self.

In 2021, KALESHWARA EUROPE will therefore continue to focus on the creation of power places, healing rooms, the work of the Teachers’ Circle and the expansion of the Soul University in Europe, where practitioners and students can make powerful progress along this path. Experience shows us that this systematically meaningful accompaniment through the various stages powerfully supports people in building and maintaining their own energy in order to make higher spiritual experiences possible for them.

As a team, we therefore continue to focus on translating Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge content and words into different European languages and on the topical preparation of knowledge for the Soul University in Europe. Knowledge preparation and transfer is carried out according to Sri Kaleshwar’s high standard. This work is in constant movement. It is an enormous task and it will take a long time. We can only master this together. With the blessing of the Guru Parampara, it will succeed.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank all participants in the courses and all supporters – whether through donations of money or time – once again with all our hearts. THANK YOU for your trust.

Tatyanna and Tobias for the whole team

See you in 2021!


I want to make a golden bridge from the East to the West. So, we’re all the tools in front of Baba. Bring this spiritual worth out to the world. This is the time for it to come out. These hundred years, yes, it started to come out. It will come out. But we’re all the tools.

My biggest wish, my mission is to put the right seed in you to grow. Automatically it will grow. Then you can create tons of seeds. Then you can really give the big mission. To prepare you as a powerful healer, to prepare you as a powerful siddha, that’s my biggest desire and that is what I promised to the Boss, Jesus. I fulfilled my job.

Sri Kaleshwar