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When Fire becomes Sacred - Workshop & Pujari Training

When a Fire Becomes Sacred

Pujari Training for Performing Fire Pujas

Everything is possible once you believe. If you practice perfectly, implement the right path, follow the right guidelines. When you add perfect things to the fire, your sankalpam, your energy, your thoughts and offerings, then you begin to release the vibrations from the fire. Even though you have a lot of sicknesses, a lot of family problems, a lot of unhappiness, tell the fire everything, tell it exactly what you want. Your inner state, your deep heart pain. What is inside of you? Which deep heart pain are you carrying? Tell that. You don’t need to tell me, tell it to the fire.

Sri Kaleshwar

The Power of the Fire Element

The fire element can initiate profound inner purification, transformation and healing, and the fire puja provides the right framework to channel these qualities. When we can invoke the inherent power of fire and draw it to us – the fire becomes sacred. The fire, nurtured and energized by mantras, prayers and offerings, shines brightly and strengths what is true within us.

Join us and learn how to use the energy generated through the fire puja for healing.

The Five Elements & the Shiva/Shakti Principle

The 5 Elements & the Shiva/Shakti Principle

Everything – all of creation is made up of the five elements – earth, fire, sky (ether), water, air. They are imbued with consciousness – Shiva – and are enlivened and consistently transformed by Shakti – the living divine power in its purest form. Shiva – consciousness is the unchangeable, the true, that which remains the same through all changes. Shakti – is the driving force that shapes and recreates creation in every moment.

The Rishis of ancient India explored the levels of consciousness and the mechanisms of creation, and wrote down certain processes which enable us to “draw in” Shakti – pure cosmic energy – through certain elemental processes, and concentrate its potency.

Since we ourselves, as part of creation, are made up of the five elements, their energy automatically connects with the Shakti in us. It enters us, purifies us and uplifts us – our soul begins to shine. Through the experience of pure Shakti, pure consciousness also becomes accessible to us. All it takes is an open heart and knowledge of the mechanisms.


Part 1 – Background & Understanding:

  • What is a puja – specifically is a fire puja?
  • Elements & Qualities of the Fire Element
  • Qualities of the new and full moon
  • Mantra, Yantra & Prayer
  • Sankalpam (Intention)
  • Worshiping the Shakti in the fire – inner alignment
  • Feeling, building and holding the energy
  • Communicating with the Divine through fire
  • The energy phases of the fire puja – what do we do, when do we do it and why.
  • Performing fire pujas for others: integrity, experience, leadership and clarity of process

Part 2 – Practice: Common “teaching” principles relating to performing fire puja + practical tips:

  • Finding the right place: Vaastu. Placing the fire in an energetically clear place.
  • Everything is easier together: we are a team
  • Distribution of tasks: Who does what and when?
  • Equipment & Supplies: What do we need?
  • Setting up the space: fire pit, altar, decoration etc.
  • Leadership, Karma, Responsibility: Opening and holding the space for participants
  • Understanding beyond words: interaction between the pujaris during the puja
  • A good ending
  • The silence afterwards
  • Advice for the time after the puja

In an online-course-setting without the opportunity to perform a homa as a group, we will go through the timeline of a puja theoretically and you’ll receive practice tips.

Who is This Offer for?

This workshop is for you if…

  • …you are interested in the deeper background of energetic mechanisms.
  • …you want to have an immediate experience with cosmic energy.
  • …you practice the Shakti channels given to the world by Sri Kaleshwar and want to add an effective tool to your personal sadhana and healing work.
  • …you are part of a sadhana group and you want to do fire pujas together for peace and healing.



Pujari Training with Jenniver

WHEN? Friday, March 3rd, 2022 (4 p.m. – 8 p.m. MET)
WO? Online from the comfort of your home
DAKSHINA 108,- € incl. study material

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About Jenniver

With a minimum of 9 to a maximum of 12 participants, we are happy to conduct this training at your location. If you are interested, contact us at for more information.

About Kaleshwara Yoga

The meditation practices given to the world by Sri Kaleshwar, which have been closely guarded for many millennia, are purely experiential knowledge. Through meditation and the Shakti (spiritual power) built up as a result, profound transformation and self-healing processes are set in motion and the soul is charged with highly positive energy. The connection to nature grows and nature itself becomes a mirror and master. Sri Kaleshwar stood for respecting the common spiritual core of all religions and going beyond their limitations and external belief systems. He often called this confrontation with the essence “science of the soul”. Therefore, among the students and practitioners of this knowledge there are people from the most diverse cultural and spiritual/religious backgrounds.