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Be a Mother to the World

Baba’s feeding project is growing in Brno, Czech Republic

Hana Pavezkova & Jenniver Gebhardt sharing about Baba’s feeding in Brno

Archive: Video from 2014 sharing how it all started HERE.

Just do it!

  • Baba’s feeding project invites you to join! If you would like to take part in the seva in Brno, Czech Republic or in Germany or would like to implement a feeding project yourself at your place of residence, please contact us via We have gained a lot of experience in the seva teams over time, which we are happy to share – be it tipps for the implementation itself, as well as legal backgrounds and in contact with local institutions. If you want to be active on-site on a regular basis, donations (e.g. for purchasing groceries, etc.) can be made available for the implementation.

  • Give gifts! The people at Baba’s feeding project are always happy to receive gifts – clothing, blankets, food. Inquire about current needs via

  • Donate for Baba’s feeding project in Brno, Czech Republic and in Germany.

Via Wire Transfer

Kaleshwar e.V.
Account: 6034617711
Bank Code: 43060967
Bank: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE20 4306 0967 6034 6177 11
Purpose of Use: “Baba’s Feeding”

A donation by bank transfer is tax deductible. There are no fees and the purpose of use is therefore fully used.

(A donation via PayPal also benefits the intended purpose, but minus a PayPal fee of 1.2% + 35 cents.)

When you are feeding hungry people around you, you have no idea how much satisfaction you’ll get it. Somebody is so thirsty, if you give a glass of cool water, “first drink some water, then we we’ll talk.” Then his soul will automatically bless you.

Sri Kaleshwar


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